1500 Calorie Diet for Men

1500 Calorie Diet for Men

Getting the Right Mix at 1500 Calories

1500 calorie diet for men can meet all the nutritional needs of a dieter during the duration of a diet. It does need to distribute between fats carbohydrates and proteins and it does have to include all the nutrition that you’ll need. This diet can be tailored to match the activities you’ll be including in your overall weight loss plan. An active schedule will aid you in your quest to lose weight. Remember that if you are already in shape trying to stay close to your ideal weight ,and you engage in an unusually high amount of activity, you could end up using at much as two or three thousand calories over your calorie intake. Not enough body fat to burn in this situation could end up with your body getting energy from muscle tissue.

Let your taste and enjoyment dictate what choices you pick for your breakfast, lunch and dinner selections. You want your food selections to encourage staying on your calorie restricted regimen. Eat nutritional vegetables, complex carbohydrates, and omega-3 oils. Daily vitamin C and potassium intake are highly recommended.

The 1500 Calorie Diet for Men

Here is one tasty option:

Breakfast- Rosti potatoes with Ham and Cheese 317 calories. This is traditionally swimming in butter but baking and patting the top reduces the fat and calories drastically.

Lunch- Garden Pasta Salad with baked (skinned) Chicken breast. 345 calories. The vegetables give healthy dish the variety in color. Italian spice and olives oil give a great seasoning. Season the chicken lightly with sage.

Dinner- Santa Fe Turkey cheese burgers with steamed broccoli topped with bacon and cheddar.425 calories. Liberally pour fresh salsa over the burger inside and out, and serve it with a fork.

If you are making an effort to be more cholesterol conscious remember that lower fat meals tend to have less calories because fat is the highest calorie concentration per gram of all other food types. So watch your total calories and stay close to 1500 calories a day. Eating less will make it harder to stay on your diet. Try these lower fat options:

Breakfast- Apple cinnamon oatmeal with fresh peaches and low fat milk. 350 calories. An all time favorite. High energy, high fiber and low fat.

Lunch- White chicken and brown rice soup served with sourdough baguette. 369 calories. This has the filling effect of soup and a delicious mix of flavors.

Dinner – Salmon burgers on spinach greens served with fresh green beans. 405 calories Add coleslaw with pineapple paprika dressing to fill out the meal.

Some carbohydrates are considered to be empty calories. These are usually in sugars, white breads and bleached rice. If you are running short on options remember that cereals and white breads are enriched with vitamins and minerals. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about sugar. Complex carbs are great fiber source. Try this high fiber 1500 calorie diet for men:

Breakfast -Multi grain waffles with yogurt topping and sliced strawberries. 304 calories.

A glass of OJ to get your vitamin C for the day.

Lunch- Tuna Salad With on toasted whole wheat bread with tomatoes and grated cheese. 270 calories. Add one peach to the sandwich for nice finishing touch.

Dinner- Steamed Tilapia with a yogurt dill sauce and Spinach Salad with croutons. 402 calories.

Tilapia is a popular fish for the price and for omega-3’s.

Taking a break from your 1500 Calorie Diet for Men?

The bigger you are the harder it will be to maintain the 1500 calorie diet for men. So do yourself a favor and give your diet a time limit. An example may be for one week . After the week give yourself about two days only and get right back on it. During the break period do not indulge in high amounts of fat or carbohydrates. The idea is that by comparing the break to a period of more calorie intake, as long as it is reasonably controlled, you will find that you are starting to get used to using less calories. After a couple of transition periods you will find that your overall consumption has dropped. Remember though, a 1500 calorie diet for men is a weight loss program not a maintenance diet unless you are already a very light person.

When looking at calorie charts you will soon see that wholesome foods will add up slower than junk foods. It’s the empty calories. Doughnuts, cakes, even white rice and spaghetti will throw you over you calorie count in one meal. Same with steaks fried chicken and burgers. If you give in, and eat without counting, then your 1500 calorie diet for men just got derailed.

As with all diets for them to work you will have to experience discomfort and a loss of energy. When you’re really feeling hungry and you don’t have any more room in your 1500 calorie diet for men. It is always recommended to get a 16 oz glass of water and drink it. This helps to make you feel fuller. If you are getting lethargic and need an energy boost try a saltine cracker or two.

Again, your diet should consist of foods that you enjoy and even look forward to. If you can make the meal an event, all the better. The more fun associated with your meal the more likely you are to hold out and not ruin your appetite. Ordering one of your 1500 calorie diet for men meal plans from a chef could end up an event worth remembering.

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