1500 Calorie Diet Menu

1500 Calorie Diet Menu

Sticking to a 1500 calorie diet menu plan is an effective way to maintain weight or to lose weight, especially if moderate activity is also included in a plan. A 1500 calorie menu is a healthy diet, full of lean protein, plenty of vegetables and fruits and snacks that are eaten in small portions and spread out in between meals. Making great food choices becomes easier when one has decided how to approach the 1500 calorie diet menu. One effective way to do this is to eat five small meals throughout the day that are about 300 calories each. Another great way to implement a 1500 calorie menu is to eat three meals that are about 400 calories each, with two snacks that are around 150 calories each.

A Good Example Of A 1500 Calorie Diet Menu

This 1500 calorie menu features three meals of about 400 calories each, along with two snacks of approximately 150 calories each.

Breakfast – 1 pear, 1 cup of whole grain cereal, 1 cup low fat milk, 1 cup strawberries

Snack – 2 tsp peanut butter, four or five whole grain crackers

Lunch – 5 oz white fish, steamed or broiled, mixed green salad with 1 tbsp. light Italian dressing, 1 apple, 1 small whole grain roll with tsp. of butter.

Snack – 1 orange, handful of peanuts

Dinner – 1 cup vegetable soup, 1 ounce cheese, mixed green salad with 1 tbsp. light Italian or other light dressing, 1 cup yogurt, 1 cup of grapes.

Another great way to approach a 1500 calorie diet menu is to have five meals of around 300 calories each. Here is a good example of that approach.

Early Morning Meal – 1/2 cup oatmeal with raisins, 1 cup blueberries, 1 banana, coffee or tea.

Mid Morning Small Meal – 1 cup whole grain cereal, 8 ounces of low fat milk, 1 pear, coffee, tea or water.

Lunch – Small baked potato, 2 teaspoons sour cream, 2 tablespoons salsa, 1 cup of sliced cantaloupe, water.

Afternoon Mini Meal – Large tossed salad, 4 ounces of chicken or beef, sliced and placed on salad. 1 tablespoon of light dressing, one small whole grain roll with two small pats of butter.

Evening Meal – 6 oz fish, baked or broiled, 1 cup green beans, seasoned with pepper, garlic powder or other seasoning, small tossed salad with 1 tablespoon light dressing.

Either way of approaching a 1500 calorie menu is effective to help one maintain their current weight if light exercise is included. To use this 1500 calorie menu plan to lose weight, increase the amount of exercise and physical activity.

Great Guidelines To Follow When Implementing A 1500 Calorie Diet Menu

Some important things to remember when beginning a 1500 calorie menu are to make good, healthy food choices, and to always keep portion sizes to a reasonable size. When having fish for a main course, the portion size should be five to six ounces. When chicken or beef is featured, the portion size should be around three to four ounces. If having a serving of pasta, the serving size should be approximately 2 cups cooked, which is much less than 2 cups uncooked, since pasta expands in size when cooked. Pasta can be served with 1/2 cup of tomato sauce.

Skipping a meal in order to have a large meal later is never a good idea, and can usually end up backfiring on a person. The better option is to have either five small meals over the course of a day, or split it up into three meals and small snacks.

Adding exercise is always a great idea, and the more physical activity that can be added in an average day, the better. Try parking the car further away from the entrance of a building and walking for an easy way to get some additional exercise. Small lifestyle changes can be extremely effective to help one to maintain their current weight or even to lose weight when following a good 1500 calorie menu.

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