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1500 Calorie Diet Menu

Sticking to a 1500 calorie diet menu plan is an effective way to maintain weight or to lose weight, especially if moderate activity is also included in a plan. A 1500 calorie menu is a healthy diet, full of lean

How The Simple Chocolate Diet Works

The Simple Chocolate Diet is a sensible and nutritious eating plan that allows you to eat nutritious healthy dark chocolate along with a flexible and healthy eating plan. We designed The Simple Chocolate Diet so it can lead to healthy

How To Lose Water Weight Fast

Excessive body weight is a very common problem all over the world – mainly in the more developed countries, as you would expect. The main cause of this is high levels of fat accumulating in the body. However, one often

Does Green Tea Burn Fat?

In the recent past, scientific research has added another product to this list of debated methods; green tea. The big question: does green tea burn fat? Well, it has been praised for its ability to assist weight loss. This is

Does Muscle Burn Fat?

The quest to burn excess fat in the body is the ultimate goal of many people since it was established that high levels of fat accumulating in the body can cause other related health complications. With the ever increasing interest

Parental Tips for Weight Loss in Children

Parental Tips for Weight Loss in Children What is causing the obesity epidemic in children? The consensus of opinion is that it is caused by an imbalance between energy expenditure and energy intake i.e. children are not physically active enough

Foods to Eat to Lose Weight

Not many people are particularly well informed about the basics of nutrition e.g. what are proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Often those giving the advice seem more confused than those they are trying to teach about food group combinations. They tend

Does Running Burn Fat?

Running is one of the most efficient and reliable ways to burn fat. But how does running burn fat? And how can it be made more effective? Working out should not be a random process, but systematic and organized with

How to Lose Weight in a Week

I will now take you through a step by step guide explaining how to lose weight in a week. On this journey, you will be creating new, healthier habits which will not only produce rapid results but will also help

Using Herbal Medicines Properly For Effectiveness

Herbal products are the perfect choice for individuals who want to avoid using expensive synthetic medical products and their documented side-effects. It’s true that synthetic medicines are carefully formulated for maximum treatment, but we can never deny that there might