Does Green Tea Burn Fat?

Does Green Tea Burn Fat?

In the recent past, scientific research has added another product to this list of debated methods; green tea. The big question: does green tea burn fat? Well, it has been praised for its ability to assist weight loss. This is due to the high levels of catechins which affect the accumulation of fat in the body. Catechins are antioxidant compounds but recent studies have shown that they can also assist in weight loss.


Fat can be reduced in the body either by accelerating metabolism within the body or by preventing it’s absorption by the body. Naturally, cardio and avoiding junk food have always proved to be effective in this but how does green tea burn fat too? Well that is the million dollar question and the jury is still out.

How green tea hinders addition of more fat in the body?

People gain weight when they consume more fat or when there is excess sugar which is converted to a substance called triglyceride. This substance provides the body with energy. However, the excess is converted into fat which accumulates in the body.

Green tea contain high amounts polyphenols. This compound triggers certain enzymes in the body which in turn dissolve excess triglyceride. What about fat which has already accumulated? Good question. See below.

How green tea stimulates metabolism?

It’s through metabolism that substances (i.e. fat) that has accumulated in the body is broken down. So it is reasonable to suggest that when the rate of metabolism is relatively high, then the fat which has accumulated in the body will be broken down faster. Well green tea contains epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which stimulates said metabolism and hence weight loss.

It has been suggested that this compound becomes even more effective when it’s combined with caffeine. The two facilitate thermogenesis process in the body. Thermogenesis refers to the process where the stored fat in the body is injected into the blood stream to be used as fuel.

How does green tea burn fat – guest starring cardio?

While you may be working out and burning calories, utilizing more fatty acids in the body is also a sure way to lose more weight. Catechin stimulates the body to utilize more fatty acids and hence the body uses carbohydrates at a slower rate. This also helps in prolonging the time frame within which you can work out . So you burn fat directly. Win.

Closing thoughts

Not all studies are conclusive and the perceived positive impact of green tea in many cases can more accurately be attributed to the behavioral change associated with adding green tea into your diet. For example, if you add green tea into your diet rather than regular tea it is generally because of the healthy side-effects you have heard about. Well, if someone is concerned with being more healthy then it stands to reason that they have made improvements in other areas also. Therefore, the weight loss can be attributed to the behavioral change in addition to the impact of the green tea itself.

To Green Tea or Not to Green tea?

If you have come so far as to read this article, you know by now that there are many benefits to drinking green tea. While it should and could help with weight loss, this isn’t as of yet unanimously agreed upon yet. Does green tea burn fat? Maybe, probably. But, what is definite is that green tea does have many positive effects. So yes. Drink green tea.

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