Does Muscle Burn Fat?

Does Muscle Burn Fat?

The quest to burn excess fat in the body is the ultimate goal of many people since it was established that high levels of fat accumulating in the body can cause other related health complications. With the ever increasing interest in weight loss comes many questions which we aim to answer on this site. One of which we will address here: does muscle burn fat?

Does muscle burn fat?

One of the most frequently asked questions is whether or not building muscle helps with fat loss. In the actual process of building muscle (i.e. lifting weights) the heart rate will be increased and additional calories will be burnt, so that’s one tick for fat burning. During the process, the metabolic rate increases which in turn helps burn body fat.

Q. Does muscle burn fat? A. Yes

Yes, it does. Let’s try to simplify the explanation as to avoid boring you with science. Muscles are made up of living cell which require energy. Calories must be used up to give the muscles energy to function (i.e. energy is needed for muscle contraction). Therefore, if one has more muscle he or she will burn more calories which will in turn reduce the levels of fat in the body (as long as you aren’t taking in additional calories). A quick example, if an individual builds about 5lbs of muscles then he or she is likely to burn between 25 to 30 calories/day – which is pretty good!

How does muscle burn fat? And what are the recommended forms of exercise?

There are quite a number of exercises which are essential in building muscle. For instance: sit-ups will help to build abdominal muscle, bench pressing will help to build muscle on the chest, shoulders and triceps and squats will build muscles in the legs. For the best muscle building results compound exercises are generally used. These are exercises that require the use of more than one muscle group i.e.:

–          Squats

–          Deadlifts

–          Shoulder Press

–          Bench Press

–          Lat Pull Down

–          Bent Over Row

–          And many more!

So add some weight lifting into your exercise regime, build some muscle and burn more calories even when resting!

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