How To Lose Water Weight Fast

How To Lose Water Weight Fast

Excessive body weight is a very common problem all over the world – mainly in the more developed

countries, as you would expect. The main cause of this is high levels of fat accumulating in the body. However, one often overlooked factor for an increase in weight is from high levels of water being retained by the body. This weight isn’t stable or always at consistent levels – it can change according to how much water you drink or how much you lose through sweating or other means (toilet trips). People that are aware of water weight always want to know how to lose that water weight fast. This can be achieved through diet, exercise, diuretics or the old school boxers way – get in the sauna.

How to lose water weight fast by making a change in your diet? The answer is very simple. Some foods stimulate fluid retention in the body e.g. salt. Also having low levels of potassium, and fiber can result in increased fluid retention. So, avoid salty foodseat potassium rich fruit(e.g. dried apricot, prunes, figs and bananas) and make sure you include some foods that are rich in fiber (e.g. bran, cauliflower or broccoli, kidney beans, oranges or mushrooms).Then you will be well on the way to controlling you water weight.

How to lose water weight by drinking more water?! Yep, that’s not a typo. You can actually help regulate your body’s water weight by drinking more water. Small amounts at frequent intervals(downing a couple of pints of water will have the opposite effect in the short term and you will spend the next hour or so taking much more frequent toilet breaks) so yes, small amounts at regular intervals.

How to lose water weight fast through exercise? Exercise, raise the heart rate, increase blood flow to muscles and sweat more. That one is pretty simple so I won’t waste your time with an explanation. Sweating will help you lose water weight fast (that’s why the sauna can be effective).

How to lose water weight fast by taking drugs? No not those kinds of drugs…ones you can get over the counter – in this case: diuretics. Now I would recommend exercise, dietary changes and regulating water intake over the use of diuretics. Anyone that feels their fluid retention levels is causing a genuine problem and as such is considering the use of diuretics should consult their doctor. In fact, anyone beginning exercise or looking into dietary changes to help control water weight should consult their doctor before implementing any changes. If diuretics are the way to go for you, then they too will help you to lose water weight fast.How To Lose Water Weight Fast


How to lose water weight fast:

  • Dietary changes (lower salt intake, increased potassium and fiber and more water – SMALL AMOUNTS MORE FREQUENTLY!!)
  • Exercise
  • Diuretics (with your doctors approval)

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