Low Carb Diabetes Diet and Diabetes


Low Carb Diabetes Diet and DiabetesDiabetes is, simply put, a disease where too much blood sugar is floating in the body.

Diabetes, especially Type 2 diabetes is on the increase worldwide and is link largely to age and lifestyle factors.  Good news is that Type 2 diabetes can be manage by following a healthy diabetes diet and exercise.

Low Carb Diabetes Diet Plan can help Type 2 diabetes patients manage their high blood sugar level as low carb diabetes diet plan cuts down the excessive intake of carbohydrate rich food which causes a glut of glucose in the blood.

Carbohydrate rich food have the most pronounce effect on blood sugar levels thus it is important to understand how the intake of carbohydrate impact the increased in blood sugar levels.

All carbohydrate rich food which we eat will eventually get digested and converted into glucose in the body resulting in an increase in blood sugar levels.


Low Carb Diabetes Diet – Understanding Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are the most important food group that have the most pronounced effect on blood sugar levels.

For type 2 diabetes patient, it is extremely important to understand carbohydrates, the distinction between refine carbs and unrefined carbs, low glycemic index carbs and high fiber carbs as not all carbohydrates are not created equal.

Refined carbs or processed carbs such as white bread, starchy food and sugar are poor nutritional choice as nutrients and fiber are often stripped off during the food processing.  Refine carbs are high glycemic index carb which spike up your blood sugar levels and cause roller coaster swing in your blood sugar levels.  

Eat sparingly refined carbs and choose unrefined complex carbohydrate food which are low glycemic index carb.  

High fiber complex carbohydrates requires prolonged breakdown, releasing blood sugar slowly thus assist in lowering high blood sugar levels.

Low glycemic, high fiber, low carb diabetes diet plan can help you

  • lower your blood sugar level and insulin level
  • control your appetite
  • burn excess body fats
  • lose extra pounds for weight loss and weight control. 

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