Low Carb Diet Plan

Low Carb Diet Plan and Weight Loss

Our primitive cavemen ancestors have for millions of years hunted and depended on animals and fish together with fruits, vegetables, nuts and berries gathered from the vast plains for food.  The healthy primitive low carb diet of low carb food and physically exhausting hunting and gathering activities have enabled our primitive ancestors to remain robustly strong and healthy. 

Today we do not have to hunt for our food, we shop in air-conditioned comfort in the supermarket, gathering our food into supermarkettrolleys.  We fill our trolleys with large quantity of processed and ready made food, high in refined carbohydrate, sugar and white flour. Aisles of our supermarket are crammed with high carb food of frozen cakes and pies, cookies and crackers, ice cream, soft drinks and white bread.

We have also become an increasingly inactive society.  Modern technology and labor saving devices has allowed us to spend an increasing amount of our free time watching television, videos and playing computer games.

The modern American diet filled with high intake of sugar and refined carbohydrate together with an increasingly inactive sedentary lifestyle has resulted in more than 60% of Americans being classified as overweight or obese.


Low Carb Diet Plan and Weight Loss

Does dieting for weight loss means eating a low fat diet or eating a low carb diet ?  A series of clinical trials conducted supported the theories that high sugar and high carbohydrate diet are the culprit in weight gain and cause of obesity in America.

We need a change in our eating habits, a lifestyle mindset change to a low carb diet meal plan with low carb food and low carb diet recipe.

Low Carb Diet will rid us of the excessive intake of unhealthy high carbohydrate food that has given rise to an epidemic of obesity related health problems of diabetes, hypertension and heart disease.

Excessive intake of sugar and refined carbohydrates is bad for health and weight control as it causes the body to produce and release excessive high levels of insulin, into the bloodstream.

Excessive high levels of insulin is detrimental as insulin is the hormone responsible for storing and keeping fats, raising blood pressure, damaging blood vessels by raising the level of triglycerides, a dangerous blood fat and lowering HDL cholesterol level, the good cholesterol that protects against heart disease.   

Of the three basic dietary elements of food we consume namely protein, fat and carbohydrate – only carbohydrate readily increases the production of insulin.

Low Carb Diet plan of restricting excessive carbohydrate intake is the only  effective way to control and cut back insulin production for a healthy and fast weight loss.

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