LowCarb Diet and Ketosis

LowCarb Diet and Ketosis

How does LowCarb Diet work?

LowCarb Diet plan works on the basic principle of restricting, moderately to severely, intake of all forms of carbohydrates rich food that are speedily converted to glucose in our diet.

To replace the reduced intake of carbohydrates, LowCarb Diet plan increases the intake of fats – the good fats and also the intake of protein to help maintain lean body mass.


Insulin Resistance, Obesity and Weight Loss

Our body metabolizes food for its daily energy requirements.

Carbohydrates we consume are readily converted into glucose to meet our body energy needs. 

Increase in blood glucose level arising from excessive intake of carbohydrate triggers the pancreas to work overtime to frantically increase insulin production to stabilize the body high blood sugar level.

Excessive insulin production in response to high blood sugar level will over time result in insulin receptor cells becoming exhausted and less responsive to insulin resulting in insulin resistance that will lead to adult onset, Type 2 diabetes.

As insulin resistance increases, insulin becomes ineffective in taking glucose into our body cells. Our liver responds to excessive blood glucose level by converting excess glucose into fats which will show up on our belly, thighs, buttocks and elsewhere throughout our body resulting in obesity.  Insulin resistance has turn our body into an efficient fat producing and storing machine.

Hyperinsulinism arising from excessive insulin will also lead to an increasing array of obesity related health problems caused by increase in blood pressure, creating atherosclerotic plagues, increasing triglycerides level and lowering good cholesterol level  which can lead to heart disease.


Ketosis Diet and Ketosis

Our body utilizes glucose as it primary source of fuel to meet its energy needs. 

LowCarb, ketosis diet plan that sufficiently restricts the intake of carbohydrate will result in continuous depletion of glucose as the primary fuel source for our body.

Our body will then resort to its alternative back-up fuel delivery system of burning body fats, to produce ketones – the alternative fuel source, to supply its energy needs. This process of burning fats whereby ketones is produced is known as ketosis

The body in a state of ketosis is the most efficient way for losing weight and getting slim. 

The more severe the restriction on intake of carbohydrate in the ketosis diet plan, the more excess body fats are burned and dissolved resulting in more ketones being released into the bloodstream for fast weight loss.

Burning away of excess body fats stored in our body helps us to achieve our goal of losing weight fast, staying slim and improving our long term health.

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