Some Facts About Low Carb Cheesecake

 low carb cheesecake

A cheesecake is a dessert, either baked or unbaked, made from cheese with usually a sponge cake or biscuit as a base. It can have various toppings in the form of chocolate, nuts, fruits or even sprinkles. As with all the cakes, it also comes in various flavors. It is usually sweetened with sugar to add to its taste. It was a very famous dish in ancient Greece. Due to its popularity, those on a diet used to feel left out, till the low carb cheesecake was developed. It enabled diet-conscious people to fully indulge in the pleasures of a lavish cheesecake without increasing their calorie intake to a great extent.

Low carb diet has gained extreme popularity over the last few years due to the increase in obesity levels and the problems caused by it. Moreover, people are becoming increasingly aware of the disastrous effects an uncontrolled diet can have on them and, so are taking steps to avoid many of the diseases that are primarily caused due to poor eating habits. The choice of food greatly impacts your lifestyle and health, and the latter impacts both your personal and professional life. However, there is a big misconception here. A low carb cheesecake is not only for those who have high blood pressures or are suffering from diabetes mellitus. It is also for those individuals who should take precautionary measures if they experience early symptoms of such diseases, since, prevention is always better than cure. However, this does not mean that those who have no health issues should not prefer it over the normal cheesecake. In fact, they can also opt for a low carb cheesecake from time to time and recommend it to their friends and family members as well, who really need to go on a low carb diet since, using the right recipe, it can be as delicious as a normal cheesecake. This will help them to adopt a low carb diet in a better way. It would also avoid embarrassing them, as some people don’t like to mention in public that they are on a low carb diet, because of the fear of being made fun of.

Therefore, a low carb cheesecakecan be a perfect dessert in a family gathering, when the youngsters enjoy eating it along with the elderly. Mostly, discriminatory diet routines make the obese and the diet-conscious feel they are not being able to enjoy the luxuries or pleasures of life, like their young counterparts. They sometimes even feel suicidal, no exaggeration intended! A low carb cheesecake, rightly made, will not compromise on quality, taste or aesthetics. It also shows that people suffering from any sort of health problem due to high blood sugar content or any other such disease do not have to adopt a diet comprised of completely tasteless food. They, too, are human beings, who can be tempted by delicious delicacies and sumptuous looking food. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that whenever someone throws a party and invites people, who are on a diet, to his house, he should make sure that he serves low carb desserts that can be eaten by everyone. Since a high carb desert and a low carb desert placed side by side, would sometimes feel discriminatory to those who can only eat a low carb desert, it is often best to just place the low carb desert on the table and ask everyone to dig in. A low carb cheesecake might be the best option here. Since it’s a cheesecake, it appeals to the younger generation, and since it’s a low carb cheesecake, it appeals to the health conscious elderly as well. Not all low carb cheesecakes however, are perfect. To find out about making a perfect cheesecake with a low carb content, it is best to surf the internet for the best recipes, or you can even ask family members, friends or acquaintances if they know the right recipe.

There are many recipes available all over the Internet by various self-proclaimed chefs and bakers. Some of them remove the crust altogether to reduce the carbohydrate content. While some retain it, but refrain from adding preservative, additives and fillers and, most importantly, sugar. However, even in these low carb cheesecake wherein the sugar is not added, there are many alternatives available like the sugar-free chocolate chips which impart the same sweetness without adding the calories. Cheesecakes are especially popular during weddings, low carb cheesecakes might be the perfect option on such an occasion. Since the gathering mostly consists of a mixed crowd, from the young to the old, it is often best to keep in mind the dietary needs of all. However, awareness needs to be generated here among the younger population that there is sometimes no taste difference between low carb cheesecakes and the ones containing the normal amount of carbs. Moreover, those who are diet-conscious and want to lose weight, can enjoy the wedding too, because they can eat the dessert this time too.

One thing that needs to be kept in mind is that a low carb diet does not necessarily mean a low calorie intake. A low carb cheesecake may have zero carbohydrates, but still have high calories. So if your goal is weight-loss, you should also try to reduce the amount of calories you take, not just the carbohydrates. Since, if all you are doing is reducing the amount carbohydrates from your diet, and waiting to see a decrease in your weight, you are doing nothing better than waiting for magic to happen. You are in that case, certainly doomed. However, one may wonder, what benefits a low carb cheesecake has then? Those who have high blood sugar condition are not necessarily trying to reduce their weight, so they do not need to worry about the calories found in low carb cheesecakes. However, if low carb cheesecakes can be made with a low amount of calories along with low carbohydrate content, it would help in losing weight fast. This however is not achieved by merely through low carb cheesecakes. A person who drinks soda as well along with a cheesecake cannot be expected to lose any weight at all. In fact, he/she may gain weight in some cases, to his/her detriment. Therefore, it is always advised that one drinks water with it. Low carb cheesecakes won’t make an unhealthy person healthier in terms of his weight. It is only when he/she brings a complete change to his/her eating habits and dining practices, that he/she can gain any significant change in his/her health. That being said, it is always a slow process. Only miracles happen overnight. Unfortunately, eating a low carb cheesecake won’t bring about a miracle for you. Therefore, you will need to be consistent for a long time to achieve any significant result.

So one may wonder what the right recipe for a perfect low carb cheesecake is; one which produces a cheesecake which looks and tastes so great that does not give away the fact that it is low carb. What would be the recipe for a cheesecake that contains virtually no carbohydrates at all? Searching on the Internet can make a person confused about which recipe is the best. Since, the taste and preferences will differ from person to person it is always advised that a person would use his own discretion to select an appropriate recipe for himself. There are various sites online that provide recipes for low carb desserts for those with special dietary needs. One such organization is Heavenly Cheesecakes and Chocolates Inc. It was featured in an article namely ‘Extreme Cakes’ in the Wedding and Reception Services magazine. One of the recipes for a low carb cheesecake is the Atkins Diet Cheesecake Recipe. It includes pine nuts, macadamia nuts, sugar substitute and butter for the crust. For the filling, it comprises if cream cheese, sugar substitute, eggs, vanilla extract, grated fresh lemon rind, teaspoon salt and sour cream. In this way, one does not have to compromise on the crust to make a low carb cheesecake. It is not claimed at all that this is the best recipe, as each individual has different likings.

It must be clarified that a low carb cheesecake does not necessarily mean that it is going to be low in fat content too. Those who have very little knowledge about science, tend to confuse carbs with fats. Carbohydrates are sugars like glucose, whereas fats are totally different molecules. Some people may suffer due to a high fat-content in their diet, so eating a low carb cheesecake might not do any wonders for them. If their health keeps deteriorating, they may have a tendency to blame the cheesecake; but little do they realize that they need to cut down on the fat, not on the carbs.  Therefore, it is imperative that one is clear about the facts, before one proceeds with any sort of diet. It is also important that those who are on a low fat diet should refrain from eating a low carb cheesecake, unless it is low in fat content too. One should do his research thoroughly, to avoid unforeseen ramifications. He/she may consult his/her doctor and make a suitable diet plan. Whatever the situation may be, the fact remains that people are increasingly finding innovative ways to enjoy the pleasures of life, one of them being the world-wide popular low carb cheesecake.

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