Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

why i am not losing weight

“Why Am I Not Losing Weight?”

“I have been on a diet for two weeks and all I have lost is two weeks!”

Struggling to lose weight? There could be a number of reasons why stubborn subcutaneous fat is having

a blanketing effect across your body. Perhaps what you should ask yourself is, have I really exposed myself to a healthy eating regime

“You Are What You Eat!” is a simple but important message and there are some universal food truths that should not be ignored if you are looking to lose weight.

Food has several roles. It’s a source of fuel, energy and nutrients. It affects your body weight and alters your health indicators such as cholesterol, blood pressure and the level of toxins in your body.

Your body does not require toxins such as alcohol, caffeine, refined sugars, processed foods, sodas’/ fizzy drinks, or artificial sweeteners.

Your body when overwhelmed with toxins will dispose of any toxic substance within the adipose tissue stores i.e. FAT.

Let’s looks specifically at two real threats to losing weight and fat creation:


There is no doubt that Alcohol is a Toxin. If you leave the gym with a happy heart and skip for a celebratory drink, at the local public house. Later your body will be working extremely hard to detoxify your system placing stress on your liver and kidneys.

Secondly on a molecular level, alcohol is a sugar that triggers insulin secretion, blood sugar imbalance and guess what body fat storage. It is a dead calorie with no nutritional value and cannot be used within the body and so alcohol is immediately stored as FAT.

Caffeine (Tea, Coffee and Sodas / Fizzy Drinks)

Caffeine over excites and then deflates the body’s energy producing glands, this leads to massive energy fluctuations and the need or craving for additional sugary foods.

Finally think about this – within a year, virtually every cell in your body will be gone. Your body is “re-created” every year – your skin, your muscles, even your organs are degenerating and regenerating.

So where does your body get the raw materials to construct new cells – you have guessed it FOOD so we need to eliminate all Toxins and ensure you are FEEDING your body QUALITY NUTRITION in order to lose weight and fat.


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